Mut Kids Emociones a Pares.

The FUNNIEST EMOTIONAL game in which without realizing we talk openly about our feelings.

The game, which is suitable for all audiences, it’s destined to those children who find difficult to express what they feel, who have difficulties in showing feelings derived from everyday situations. All rules of the game are simple. It’s a memory game, where it has to make pairs of equal cards. The difference to other games of this type is that drawings are real emotions that we’re feeling in our lives. When we make a pair of card, we’ll briefly describe when we have felt like that or we’ll dialogue in relation to that emotion. In this way, the child will know different emotions and at the same time he’ll name those that he didn’t know, in a fun and an animated way.

How does it play?

It places images face down and it looks for the pair of emotions (16 Couples). On each turn, 2 cards are rotated. If they’re different, it turns them to their initial position. If they’re the same, it asks:

At what moment do you feel the emotion of the drawing?

From: 3 years.
Size of the box: 20×20 cm.
Size of the sheets: 8x8cm.

Open your


Playing the game “Emociones a Pares”


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