Sadness is one of the basic emotions, along with joy, anger and fear.

At Mutkids we try to give people a place to all the emotions we can feel, without rejecting, without
covering, but accepting and giving a place to the so-called “negative” emotions, which for me they would
be suppressed.

Sadness is usually one of the emotions we reject the most, the least we accept and we want to cover it in
such a way, believing that we’ll not feel it again. I know that sadness hurts, and sometimes it hurts a lot.

Sadness is a liberating mechanism of the body, whose function is the cleanse, if we don’t express it, we lock it up blocking the body. It’s one of the stages of mourning.

The sadness in children: personally I think there are 2 key points to be able to manage the sadness. The 2 key points are:

a good self-esteem helps children to manage sadness

Parent’s love, which helps children to feel strong although having confidence in themselves and helping them develop their self-esteem.

Once child identifies the sadness, it’s when it can be accepted, and it can give a place and little by little to be able to walk it.

You already know that emotions aren’t just children’s things. We can help our children, students, clients… and we can also help ourselves, as adults we’re and we no longer really need the comfort of our parents, we can help ourselves!

greetings and happy friday