The game Emo

The game Emo

A new emotional game to keep expressing emotions when it’s playing. The game is simple:

Mut Kids EMO consists on 25 cards with different and varied drawings where each image shows an emotion.

EMO is a visual game with more concrete questions and there’s more dynamic of game. For that reason, children or adults who have difficulties to express emotions will find an easy and fun way to express themselves. In addition of this, images will guide for this adventure among family.

From: 3 years
Size: 9×13,5
Languages: (Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and English). All languages are included in each card.

The game is simple:

It chooses a card and it answers the following question:
At which moment do you feel the emotion of the game?
In case that the card with the logo appears, it must choose a partner to answer together.

Another way to play, especially indicated for the youngest:

It’s about imitating the draw of the card. All rest of players will have to guess what emotion they’re playing. When the emotion has been guessed it can answer the following question:
In what moment do you feel the emotion of the draw?


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