The game La Oca

The new emotional game of Mut Kids to keep expressing emotions playing.

Mut Kids The Goose consists of crossing the whole board. It finishes when a player arrives at the box number 47, to which it’s necessary to enter with an exact distance; if it’s not, you have to go back as many squares as you have in excess. It can participate between 2 and 4 players, each one with a different color chip. The board consists of 47 numbered boxes.

From: 5 years

Size:  box 20 × 20 cm and board 39×39 cm
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.
The positive reinforcement game!!! Where hugs exist, and they’ll tell you your positive qualities. Where we’ll learn to differentiate and to express each emotion in a fun way.
We’ll advance to the Great Goose with a board, a die and chips, on the way we’ll go back, down, raise and express emotions. The ideal game to strengthen bonds of union between players.

The game is simple:

Mut Kids The Goose is the typical game of the Goose but adapted to work emotions.

The game is divided into several boxes:

Action boxes: they’re positive reinforcement activities such as explain a positive quality about some player.

Special boxes: they’re squares that it can make you move forward or backward through the board.

Goose boxes: from one goose it advances to the next and it’s thrown again.

Yellow Boxes: We must wait for the next turn to shoot again and to move forward.

Emotion boxes: If you fall in a blue box, you must answer the question “At what moment do you feel / have you felt [… the emotion described in the drawing of the box]?”.


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