The game MutKids

The game of emotional questions

It’s a card game based on questions and sentences to establish and to improve emotional bonds. It’s applicable to relationships between parents and children, therapist and patient, psychologist, educators, social workers, etc. Competent for those who want to have a good time letting flow feelings spontaneously.

From 5 years (It’s composed of 25 cards with questions or sentences in each card).

Among 25 cards, the four basic emotions of human being are entered: sadness, happiness, anger and fear. The game depends on each card, which we can find:

Gestures: the player will have to make gestures or faces to emphasize the emotion indicated in each card.

Imitations: how imitate an animal (a child affords to be the opposite).

Questions: direct questions whose answers surely will surprise.

Phrases: to remember those emotions and feelings forgotten.

My mom is/was…
My way to draw attention is…


Learn to know oneself, distinguish basic emotions
and reveal them.

Help the child to raise the awareness
of his body and his feelings.

Practice reading (perfect to children who begins to read).

How does it play?

  1. It places cards face down so that colors are visible.
  2. It chooses a card and it reads what it contents.
  3. The player must express what the card means to him and share it out loud with the rest of the participants.
  1. The purpose of the game is to help to express, to communicate and to create a dynamic of dialogue.
  1. It follows the clockwise direction, so that the next player chooses a card, establishing the game by shift system.
  1. So an until you decide to end the game.

The time that we dedicate to our children
are moments of quality.

Game format


Price € 15


Price € 15


(Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, all languages are included in each card)
Price € 18


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